About us

UKU-FCI golden retriever kennel

So, a few words about our kennel, its activities and the principles of our breeding.

Our kennel is young, one-breed (we deal with only one breed!)Our dogs live with us in the house, they are always in contact with humans.

Our girls were raised from early childhood on super-premium food, premium mineral and vitamin supplements, with sufficient walking, communication and socialization – we care about our dogs and their future from early childhood.

We carry out all the necessary DNA tests, as well as x-rays to determine the degree of HD and ED for all our brood bitches (our kennel was the first in Ukraine to receive a litter from parents with the genetic test GR_PRA1 and GR_PRA2)

We attend seminars and lectures, follow the latest trends in veterinary medicine, feeding, and breeding to obtain the most healthy, pedigree, beautiful dogs. We are constantly learning. I, as a breeder, graduated from UKU-FCI courses in the specialty of dog-breeder and confirmation judge, now I’m licensed FCI judge on the Golden Retriever breed, national level judge on almost all FCI group 8th breeds, and continue to study and do internships at exhibitions of various levels.

Our puppies grow in the house, receive full feeding and care. Timely vaccination, deworming, walking in the fresh air (the kennel is located in a quiet area, near the river, away from city smog), socialization with children and knowledge of the outside world – no “indoor” puppies, no aviary dogs.

We are sure that a balanced, high-quality, good nutrition, proper care, a diverse environment, communication with different people are necessary for the formation of a healthy dog, both physically and mentally. We try to the best start to our pups!

Kennel graduates receive the following:

– puppy card UKU(exchanged for the pedigree);
– Veterinary passport with vaccinations by age (but no less than with marks on complex vaccination Nobivac DHPPi);
– electronic identifier (chip);
– a memo to the owner of the puppy;
– food for the first 3 days in a new home;
– Welpencalc mineral supplement for 1 month (if necessary);
– a familiar toy or two for easier adaptation;
– consultations and help over the phone at any time.

We are always open to communication with puppy owners and those who are just about to acquire a representative of this made-of-gold breed, and we will be happy to answer any question.

You can always contact us according to the data on the Contact page


Anna and Roman Zelenin